Below you’ll find most of our major offerings – if you have questions about a particular service or general questions too. CLICK HERE and fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


In this accelerated consultation you’ll have access to me, 1-on-1, for 30 minutes. This is an opportunity for you to tell me more about your brand or business and the cool things you’re doing or want to be doing. I DO NOT hold back in these consultations. I note that these are “accelerated” for a reason. I want you to walk away with excellent ideas on marketing yourself on and offline and a clear picture of the legal protections you need to look into. Let’s do this.


In this brief webinar we’re going to discuss some of the ways you can get that knowlege out of your head and into a product that will help improve the health of your clients and generate additional revenue for you. My hope is that after this webinar, you’ll have a handful of good ideas that you can put to work, as well as an understanding of some of the tools at your disposal to make that happen. Thanks for registering!


Choose the amount of time you want to spend working together on whatever you’ve got for me. Use these sessions to work on your copy, marketing funnel design, client outreach strategy, staffing issues, online program development and whatever else you can use my experience and creativity for to help push your business smarts and marketing success to the next level. You can choose:

  • 90 minutes + 30 minute follow up – $550
  • 3 hours + 30 minute follow up – $750
  • 5 hours + 2x 30 minute follow up – $1350

This is my absolute favorite thing I get to do. I love being fully engaged with you to figure out the legal and strategic steps you need to take to having a healthy and profitable brand in the food, fitness, and lifestyle industries. When we work together like this, you don’t just have access to me, but to other members of my team too. You can have custom graphics made, contracts written, copy and content generated, and I’ll work with you to get a plan in place and help you thrive in your business… If we’re a good match, you’ll be able to decide whether we work together month to month or for a three month block of time. I’m also happy to come hang out and get to know your team for a day or two. Fill out an application if you think we’d work well together in this in-depth capacity and you want access to your own legal, business, and marketing team.

By Application Only

Let our team put together a website that actually helps people better understand who you are and what you’re about and makes a convincing sales pitch for the value you offer. Our team has been studying sales funnels across a variety of industries and we’re ready to help mastermind your new sales website.


As we’ve discussed, you need an attorney to have your back as you move your business forward. I can act as your general counsel or help you out with a la carte legal services as we go. If you want more details on the individual legal services I offer, hit the button to the right.

Brooks Allen is a licensed attorney and works with a broad spectrum of individuals and companies from his home base in San Diego, CA. Brooks' law practice is focused on writing creative, ground-breaking contracts for his clients and handling their interactions with the USPTO on Trademark issues. Additionally, Mr. Allen has been innovating social and new media outreach programs for his clients for over 10 years. As an entrepreneur and marketer involved in a number of small businesses, Brooks knows how to craft innovative solutions to grow your client base and spread your message online.