I give athletes, coaches, studios, gyms, and health and nutrition brands the strategies and solutions they need to dramatically increase the health of their own brand and pave the way to more satisfaction, a larger following, and more revenue streams.


The internet allows you to build your tribe faster, better, bigger, and more involved than ever before. I want to give you exclusive access to my 10+ years of digital media and online strategy experience to find new ways to grow and monetize your brand both online and offline. I build strong knowledge products as well as marketing and lead generation strategies. Also, my team will work with you to get a website and visual presence up and running for your business that takes advantages of your strengths, knowledge, and growing market trends. This means that not only can we make sure your brand looks good, but sounds great with our top-notch copywriting and content generation expertise. Let's build a lead generation and sales system for your business that really works.

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Most people don't hire a lawyer until it's too late and when they do they spend far more than they need to. Having worked with small businesses and individuals' brands for nearly a decade I've developed some really valuable strategies to earn revenue and help you keep cash in your business. You could use a lawyer on your team. My goal is to get you on a clear path to protect the assets you have in your business, in your intellectual property, and your team so you can leverage a healthier brand. I'm here to help with everything from acquiring Trademarks, to writing and negotiating agreements and disclaimers for vendors, customers, and affiliates.

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Brooks Allen is a licensed attorney and works with a broad spectrum of individuals and companies from his home base in San Diego, CA. Brooks' law practice is focused on writing creative, ground-breaking contracts for his clients and handling their interactions with the USPTO on Trademark issues. Additionally, Mr. Allen has been innovating social and new media outreach programs for his clients for over 10 years. As an entrepreneur and marketer involved in a number of small businesses, Brooks knows how to craft innovative solutions to grow your client base and spread your message online.